Quantizing multiple drum tracks in Cubase

I’ve been trying to quantize a drum part that is recorded on multiple tracks.

I followed the method from the manual for this by:

  1. Create folder track
  2. put the drum tracks in the folder
  3. Create hit points from a track
  4. Create slices on all the tracks
  5. Apply Quantize
  6. Apply crossfades.

I tried this a number of times using different tracks to create the hitpoints as well as moving around where the cross-fades go but all the results are not satisfactory.

The biggest problem is the sound of the cymbals they do not decay evenly, were ever there is an edit you can hear it.
Are there any tips you guys can share on how to do this more effectively?

Just one question:

According to the description of the list of steps you did:
did you acivate the Multi Edit Button in the folder track before step 3?


Then you should adjust the warp ankers by yourself
and then quantize. Maybe take 'em off completely when
there’s a cymbal.

Create hit points on all the tracks!

Don’t hitpoint the Hats/O/H’s/Amb tracks, maybe even the (tom tracks which can be done manually)

and try again.