Quantizing via hitpoints

Hi! I couldn´t find this anywhere so here it goes:

I want to align sound effects to the grid that have a prehit or a whoosh (or the wav has a little silence before the hit). So, I would like to use the first hitpoint as a snap point or be able to quantize it to the grid, in the project window.

Can it be done?


Thanks Shanabit, but that is setting the snap point, I would like to be able to do it automatically via hitpoints,

When I insert the audio event, the first hitpoint usually is on the big hit, so pressing Q (but just taking account of the hitpoints) could do the snaping automatically and we can skip the part when we have to locate the new snap point.

I see what you are wanting now, don’t know myself. I will look of course

I think that would be hard to do since the hotpoint sensitivity can be changed if you will.

I would ask this in the Nuendo section as this sound like a spotting thing

So you are looking for quantize to hotpoint then.