Quantumspeck new Album released - Certified Life

Sketch pad genesis: NI Maschine. Final composition & mixing in Cubase. Mastering in Wavelab. The mix of influences musical and/or philisophical include in no order Jon Hassell, Miles Davis, Brian Eno, Musique Concrete, John Cage, Val Wilmer’s book: As Serious As Your Life, various soundtracks and more.

On Bandcamp: https://quantumspeck.bandcamp.com

In my opinion your album is well performed, mixed and produced. I could imagine this as a soundtrack to something futuristic like Bladerunner, but I find these kind of tunes hard to listen as independent pieces, because of the lack of (apparent) melody lines.

The strongest tunes in my view were:

  • Yet stlll

  • Pulse Call

  • Waylaid Delay

Thank you for the comments.
My intent is music as soundscapes, soundtrack/story lines & mood evoking. To think of it as a concept album has been my focus.