quarter-eighth -> triplet conversion ?

This has to be simple, but can’t seem to figure it out. See attachment.
I want to convert only the highlighted notes to a quarter-eighth triplet (moving subsequent notes out).
;3:2 doesn’t work… it looks like what I want is ;1.5:1, but the tool won’t take that.
what is the trick here ?
2019-01-19 20_15_25_.png

You can’t retrspectovely convert notes into tuplets if they are of unequal duration, I believe. Instead, do this:

Delete the notes
Note input
5 for 8th notes
; for tuplets
3:2, enter. This sets up 3 8ths in the space of 2.
While remaining in note input AND tuplet mode, press 6 to switch to quarter notes
5 to switch to 8th notes
Shift-; to exit tuplet mode.

Another way: Move the note input cursor to the rhythmic grid position half way through the quarter note and press U to split the quarter into two 8ths.

Create the tuplet. The press T to join the 8ths together again.

(Pressing the keys is quicker than writing down what to do!)

playing more… If I highlight a 1/8-1/4 then ;3:2, I get an 1/8-1/4 triplet
if I do 1/4-1/8 … I get 1/4, 1/8, 1/8 rest,1/4rest within a triplet which is jibberish.
Looks like it uses the first note to determine how many of the numerator to fit into the denominator.

It would be nice if I can just highlight a set of contiguous notes and just say how many beats it should take and have the program just scale it proportionally.

I like to enter all the notes as 1/8 notes and then use the insert mode to fix the timing and add slurs. works well except for these triplets.

Does it work if type 3:2e in the popover?

:astonished: Yes it does.
Brilliant. Thanks.

I also confirmed that a half-quarter is similarly converted with 3:2q. (3:2e was kind of odd, but did look correct).
3q:2q works.
I think I see the pattern, although I’d like to see the docs if someone could point me to them.
I’m interpolating xa:yb means (x a-notes) fits in (y of b-notes space)

Perhaps the developers could simply consider “:yb” meaning the highlighted duration should be scaled into y b-notes space ?

Well, I stand corrected! Still, I have to confess I would find that pretty confusing. But if it works for others, great.

At present, you don’t have to select all the notes in the tuplet to create it. Selecting just the first note is enough.

You don’t want to make the simple cases (for example a string of equal length notes) harder to do, to handle the complicated cases.

I was thinking more of the situation where I entered 10 eighth notes and want to select the first 6 and say :2q (meaning convert these 6 eighth notes into 6 eightnote triplets), and let Dorico clean up the formatting

Click on the first, semicolon, 3, enter. Click on the 4th, same.

I can’t remember exactly, but you may not even need to enter the 3.