quarter note into two eights

Hello, another thing…How can I force a quarter note to appear as to eight notes? I found the triplet move , but not this one. Is this possible?
Thank you

Sure. The easiest way is probably to put the caret halfway through quarter note, type U (to split the note at the caret), type O (to turn on Force Duration) then T (to tie).

Another way would be to ensure that the grid was set to eighths (or 16ths, or 32nds), select the quarter, type O then 5 then Shift-Alt/Opt-Right arrow.

Yet another way would be to forget about the grid, select the quarter, type O then 5 then Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-Alt/Opt-Right arrow - the addition of Cmd/Ctrl makes this the “double note value” function rather than the “increase duration by grid value” function.

Before you start manually forcing tied eighths, do take a good look at Notation Options > Note Grouping. There may be something in there that fixes your specific issue globally. Bear in mind that if you’re working with imported MusicXML and you haven’t altered the default MusicXML Import Preferences (in Dorico’s main preferences) then the Notation Options won’t work on imported music.

Thank you, but that dies not seem to work here.

type O then 5 then Shift-Alt/Opt-Right arrow.

Type O means shift -o? Both does not work.
This has no effect.

I do have a composition with a lot of quarter notes that should become and eight notes run. …


o to turn on Force Duration. Obviously if Force Duration is already turned on then don’t hit o, because it’s a toggle and will turn Force Duration off. It’s the clamp icon in the left panel.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood you, though. I thought you wanted quarters represented as pairs of tied eighths.

If you actually just want pairs of untied eighths then Force Duration isn’t relevant. Just set the grid to eighths, put the caret halfway between each quarter and hit U. You could probably then type 6 Space U Space U Space U to quickly split a whole run of quarters into pairs of eighths.

Ah ok thank you, but now the quarter note is just getting longer with the Shift-Alt/Opt-Right arrow. move.
Is there no easy way like the “ö” with the triplets? To make on quarter not appear as two eight?
Sure I could put manually the eights into it but thats a lot of work…

Thank you

Can you clarify whether you want tied eighths or split eighths, please? I’ve just edited the post above but I don’t know what you want.

Sorry I have difficulties to explain in English sometimes.
I try to attach a picture. The first bar should look like the 2. …with one click :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
viertel  achtel.png

You can’t do it with one click.
You can do it by putting the caret on the eighth grid position between the two quarters and hitting U. I’ve explained in the post above how to quickly work through a group of quarters.

You can’t do it with one click.

What a pity…there 20 bars with 5 voices of quarters that should be changed…

but thank you…

and is there another kind of “half-time option”?

Thank you

I don’t think so, no, but I’m not in front of the computer and can’t experiment. I’d like to think that you could select the whole passage, hit 5, then Filter Notes (or deselect filter rests), then hit R (for repeat), but my recollection is that this doesn’t work. It’s worth a shot, though.

Actually (and bear in mind I’m still nowhere near a computer), try the steps immediately above but with chord mode turned on (type Q before typing R).

If that doesn’t work, does this?

  1. Select the passage.
  2. Copy.
  3. Set the caret one eighth after the start of selection.
  4. Turn chord mode on (type Q, assuming it’s not already on).
  5. Paste.
  6. Select the whole passage, which will currently be a total mess of time.
  7. Type 5

Or wait for Dorico: the Hogwarts Edition, where everything can be done with one click (or wave of the wand). :laughing:

wave of the wand

. ???

never heard of that in Hogwarts ever before…

thanx again, will try that when I am back…

Pianoleo’s latest recipe above worked fine here… didn’t even need steps 6 and 7… :slight_smile:

You presumably added a step that I’d missed, which was to convert the quarters to eighths first :wink:

Exactly :wink: