quarter tone (50cent) samples with Dorico playback

is there a way to playback my own microtonal samples (i.e. quartertone samples) with Dorico. Which sampler would I need for that.
As a start I would like to playback quartertones with my own saxophone samples made for each quarter tone. The reason is because the quarter tone fingerings sound very different from the normal ones, so a pitch bend wouldn’t do the job.
Any suggestions?

HALion is probably the best choice, but you’ll need the full HALion rather than HSSE as supplied with Dorico to create your own patches.


How do I set HALion 6 in order to trigger the right quarter tone samples when payback Dorico?

To be a bit more precise, how is sending Dorico Microtonal playback information to Halion 6 and how is it possible to tell Halion to use different samples when a quarter tone appears. I’m happy to upgrade to Dorico 3 and buy Halion 6 when I can solve this.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find any even close solution anywhere.

Ah, so you want to trigger different samples for the quarter tones? I don’t think that’s possible in any VST plugin, as far as I’m aware. All VST plugins trigger samples according to the MIDI pitch. HALion is a VST3 plugin and supports VST Note Expression which allows each note to have a high resolution pitch (it’s more accurate than pitch bends and also will allow individual notes of a chord to have different microtonal pitch). However I don’t think that HALion or other samplers will allow you to choose a different sample based on the microtonal pitch. I would suggest asking on forums dedicated to microtonal music, as they may know of plugins that are able to do this.

Thanks, that’s a bummer! So no Halion 6 and no Dorico 3.
Seems I have to stick with my old Finale / Max workaround.

Maybe it’s possible with a script in Halion 6? Unfortunately I’m don’t understand the syntax and the possibilities.
The idea would be if the pitchbend is a quarter tone up Halion would choose another sample like using an expression.

It is possible to trigger different samples in Halion 6.

As far as I know Dorico is sending note expression data for quarter tone playback. You could use scripting to choose different samples for playback when it detects note expression.

Thanks, unfortunately I don’t know how to do the scripting. Is there any example how to do such a script?