Quarter-tone accidentals

Is there an easy way to use quarter-tone accidentals that are not arrow-based? I don’t like this arrow notation as I think it induces performers in error: it kind of conveys the idea of playing slightly above of below a pitch. Quarter-tones are tempered pitches, concisely defined, which call for playing techniques described in instrument treatises. I really think Dorico should feature the standard notation for quarter-tones, which I believe is not the arrow notation.

Bravura contains a vast number of accidental glyphs. The onus is on you to create or modify a tonality system that uses the glyphs you want to use. Gould goes as far as to say that “No pitches other than the twelve chromatic degrees of the octave have standard notation”, so perhaps consider the existing 24-EDO tonality system as an example of what’s possible.

Thanks, pianoleo. Have just sorted this out on my own. I built a new tonality system (24-EDO) with the Stein-Zimmermann notation system… Anyway, this could have come as a preset to choose from.