Quarter Tone Glissando


I am trying to find a way to represent a glissando over 8 beats that covers a semitone from a quarter tone flat to a quarter tone sharp. At the moment I have this

But it isn’t what I want. This notation implies that the gliss happens in the first 4 beats and then stays on the quarter tone sharp for the following 4 beats. Any ideas on how to do this?



Put an appoggiature on the note following the gliss as an end note, bring the colour opacity of the 2nd note of the gliss to 0 and extend the gliss line manually. If you want to keep the 2nd note showing for rhythmical clarity, put in parentheses and add a new gliss from that note to the following appoggiature

Thanks Québ - I couldn’t quite get it how you suggested, but your method led me to another solution. Thanks very much.

You can input glissando lines between non-adjacent notes, so you could make the notes that span the barline just a minim then either add crotchet notes for the other half and make a headless notehead set for them, or remove the rests (this might require spacing adjustments in the part).