Quarter tones

I am trying to write quarter tones flat. I have done exactly as the manual suggests - clicked the 24-EDO in accidentals, but every time I try to input the note the quarter flat glyph disappears and the 24 EDO flips back to 12-EDO. It won’t do it.

The prerequisite is that you’ve successfully changed the tonality system.
Changing the tonality system is a four step process, not just selecting it from the list. You have to do all four steps, which involve creating a key signature and dropping it onto the page, as described here: Changing the tonality system

For clarity: step 4 could be selecting a key signature in the right panel - you might need to click one of the arrows in order to get a key signature with no accidentals - or typing Shift-K open Enter.

“Why?”, you may ask. In order that different sections of music (or even different instruments) in the same piece may utilise different tonality system.

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Many thanks! I was doing the steps in the wrong order…