Quartertone artificial harmonics on strings


When I make artificial harmonics on strings, that are a quartertone flat, dorico insists on making the intervals odd. I try to make a touch 4th harmonic on B quartertone flat for example, and it makes it as B quartertone flat and E quartertone flat above with diamond head, as expected.
But as soon as I save it and reload the project, it makes the same note a B quatertone flat, and D three quartertones sharp instead, which looks very odd, and is not super easy to read. If I correct it, and save it and reload, again I have the wrong notation.
Does anybody know how to force dorico to notate it as B quartertone flat and E quartertone flat above, and not change the E quartertone flat to a D three quartertones sharp?

I’ve attached a small project, where this problem is reproducible on my computer.
I’m running Dorico 3.1
Artificial harmonics quartertones.dorico.zip (342 KB)

Thanks for reporting this, Anders. There’s an order-of-initialisation problem when loading the project that we’ll need to sort out. We’ll take care of this as soon as we can. I’m afraid for the time being there’s no workaround, except to re-set the ‘Harmonic’ property after reopening your project. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

I believe the bug will only affect custom tonality systems, by the way; it’ll be OK with the built-in tonality systems, but that’s probably not much help to you at this stage.

Thank you for looking into this. I’ll manage, just glad that you’re looking into it.
And this gives me a good excuse when the string players are complaining about my notation - this time it actually isn’t my fault entirely…


Is this linked to the previous post and is there a way to fix it? (they are on the bass clef)

No, francisb, I believe the problem you’re experiencing is the same one reported by Québ here.