Qube Audio Mobi One controller - any user feedback?

Hi, I can see one other thread which mentions this unit but wanted to know if anyone who owns or has used this unit has any feedback?

To me it looks like a Softube Console 1 which has been been made for Cubase (and specifically, the channel strip) - I’d love to hear from anyone who has direct experience before I buy one. Many thanks.

Yeah, I bought one. I am finding it a mix of excellent and frustrating at the moment, but I am still working out how it works. Give me a week or so and I will come back with a better report…


Thanks James, very much looking forward to that.

It would be great to know whether you’re using the pre-defined modes or mapping out your own plugins; I’ve tried to use Midi Remote on an older (unmapped) device and found it anything but straightforward so far!

Thanks, JP.

Well for now, pre-defined is enough of a struggle :slight_smile: The new MIDI remote works in a totally different way, I will get around to it as I try later to map the Qube to Mixbus or Reaper or Wavelab as well…


Good luck - see you on the other side :slight_smile:

Right. I have decided to keep the device, but there are issues. Some of these are to do with the design decisions, but a lot more is to do with Steinberg deciding to redo their entire MIDI framework just before this device was released.
I am currently in contact with the main developer, but he is down with a nasty cold at the moment so I am waiting to hear from him. Once we have a bit more back and forth, I will be happy to publish my praise and criticism of this device with some forward plan available.
I have never had a DAW control surface without some issues, including Steinberg’s own controllers (but not the cc121, always too costly for me) , so it’s no surprise the device is not perfect. But as I have said, it’s good enoug to keep.
I will go into more detail in the near(?) future… just an update.

Thanks for the update, much appreciated. I’ve decided to take the plunge as well, so anything you can report back on would be gratefully received - if only so I don’t go down the same rabbit holes, and can give the unit a decent evaluation as you’ve obviously done.
Speak soon!

HI @James_Roberts, how have you been getting on?

I’m slowly getting my head around the MIDI remote side of things and there are some real positives - but also some real frustrations, I wonder if I’m coming up against the same things as you?


  • For controlling the channel Strip , Midi can pretty much replace the Generic Remote modes 1-3 as supplied with the Mobi
  • Contrary to my expectations, I’ve been able to both move strip modules around AND swap out the modules, and still be able to control them with the relevant section of the Mobi
  • The Mode buttons on the Mobi look like they’d allow you to swap mappings via the hardware in Midi, rather than remembering to change both channel presets and hardware mode. I’ve only tested this with modes 1-3, still need to try 4-6 and hoping they work in the same way.


  • I can’t find a way to copy-paste maps, so if I wanted to set up one map with “duplicate” layouts to encompass all modes, it would take forever
  • The channel strip module parameters don’t seem to be consistently numbered. So parameter 1 on one Saturation module can mean something completely different than it does on another
  • I haven’t dived into Inserts as yet but I think it’s going to be a lot less user-friendly - and it’s already not exactly the most intuitive UI I’ve ever used

Feels like it will be a journey to get it set up the way I want it but once it’s there it will be a huge time-saver for workflow.

Any similarities in your experience?

I have been in further correspondence with developers to mark my pluses and minuses, with suggestions for further development.
I have not yet gone into the new MIDI remote mapping as I am confident (but wthout specific knowledge) they are working on mappings, so don’t want to duplicate or create redundant work.
Yes, the copy paste maps stuff is a big issue, I have templates with hundreds of settings and am looking for a workaround as drag and drop overwrites existing settings :frowning:
Yes, a journey, so essentially I am using it in my day to day workflow at the most shallow level to get my head and hands into the flow.
One thing I have done which helps me, is replaced quite a few knobs with other styles. I have replaced all gain controls with 19mm ones, pan and slope and curve select with 10mm and am waiting for a set of coloured knobs for the EQs. I’ll send a photo when I have finished. I have suggested offereing optional knob sets. I have also suggested legending changes (bigger!) and a red record button!
The thing is, though, I have had the complete set of Yamaha cheap stuff for Cubase and never used it because it was too rubbery and did not have enough knobs. cc121 was too costly and limitedm and celarly going EOL.
No control surface is ever going to be perfect, but if it facilitates 80% of what I do all the time I’ll be satisfied, and this looks like it does. Still want to sort out the irritations mentioned, though. But this device, together with ZenDAW on a touch screen and a Streamdeck, give me 90% or more of what I want, so far…

Sounds like your use case is way more advanced than my needs! I can’t even imagine having hundreds of templates… although if I thought about genuinely mapping Helix Native (guitar multi-fx) setups, maybe I could…

I’ll be happy with a strip setup that matches mine, and I originally wanted to use Mode 2 as a really basic mini-mixer… three continous banks of knobs (the middle three rows) mapped to volume / pan / maybe send, and the same controls with the push function mapped to solo / mute / record. The knob push is more “clicky” than I was expecting so I’m not sure whether I’ll stick with that or use a tablet for mixer.

Legending changes - do you mean changing the labels on the unit? I’ve suggested that they could produce overlays, either pre-printed with alternative “modes”, or with spaces for user customisation. The dream is having mini displays which respond to the setup (like the fully blown Helix unit) but that would probably triple the cost.

Looking forward to seeing your pimped unit, I was happy with the controls until you suggested customising them :smiley:

Hah! Nope, not hundreds of templates, just a few, but hundreds of settings. Re lables: I don’t have an issue except that many are invisible unless I lean to the right, so I have suggested changing size and formatting. And yes, it’s a good idea, I suggested overlays too :wink: Mini displays would be nice, but even LED rings would be good, and they are not expensive to implement.

I’m still awaiting some of the knobs, will update with a photo soon… I still have not found a solution to remaking the template - other than remaking the whole template :o

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Where are you sourcing the knobs, out of interest? A component place like RS or CPC, or somewhere more specialised in music tech? Looking forward to the big reveal :slight_smile:

I’m fortunate in that I’ve never really built out any templates of my own before, just used manufacturer stock settings, so I’m starting from a clean slate. Are you sticking with Generic Remote or switching to MIDI Remote? I havent had much more time to mess around since my last post but once you get past the pain of setting MIDI up, it’s great in practice. How are Qube helping you with the migration job?

Good luck, again!