Question about Artist vs Pro

Hi guys,

Long-time Cubase/Nuendo user here.

I have a client that wishes to acquire a modest setup so that we can collaborate more efficiently. I made him aware of the different levels of Cubase available so he can decide which fits his budget.

One of the key features I would like to utilize is “Import/Export Tracks.” My question is: does this is feature exists in the “Artist” version? Would he be able to export a Track Archive in his Artist version send it to me so I could import and make adjustments/edits, then export to send back to him?

Thanks for time.

Sorry, one other question…

Does “Artist” require a USB licenser, or is there an option for a SeL? (I bought “Elements” for my laptop as I don’t want the hassle of an eLicenser for my mobile solution, but it’s lacking just enough features to make me want the next level up.)

If you go to Steinberg’s Cubase product page there is a chart showing what’s in each version.

According to this information the ‘import tracks from other projects’ functionality isn’t there in Artist. Says nothing about track archives, may an Artist user tell…

Yes, Artist needs the dongle.

Cubase Pro 9 can open all projects created in Cubase Artist 9. Having not yet gotten around to actually exporting a track from Artist and importing it into Pro, I hesitate to confirm definitively, but worst case scenario is you can load the entire Artist project.

The artificial restrictions on loading between versions/editions was a big deal for me (limiting collaboration) but these were lifted some time ago (IIRC around C7, when Yamaha took over and enforced some customer friendliness).

Thanks. I looked at the chart prior to posting and found it doesn’t speak conclusively enough about it.

Yes, please someone with a copy of Artist please verify.

I suppose you’re right, worst case we can just send whole projects back and forth…

I should be in a position to test this over the next few days if you really need to know, and are happy to wait.

Most Certainly. Thanks!

OK, Artist cannot export or import individual tracks; the “track archive” feature is Pro-only. For collaboration, you could render the tracks and exchange the audio files though. I do this a lot and it works regardless of what software or OS people are using; you just need to be organised.

I was afraid of this. But thanks for researching this and getting back to me!

I usually do this. Though, for this particular collaboration, it would be much more efficient to work with track archives as I will be evaluating, editing and sending back to him multiple times. I suppose I can create satellite projects with stems to cut down on up/downloading time.

Have you considered VST Connect?

Yes! I actually have been using it and plan to upgrade to the pro version. The work flow I brought up in this thread will utilitilize both, vst connect, and the offline methods as discussed above.

This particular artist is quite finicky, and, mind you all this is mostly for “pre-production” work. We will end up booking physical studio time to get the “real” stuff!