Question About Buffer Size


Does buffer size have any impact on the sound of midi notes that are already notated in Cubase or in the final mixdown phase? I know it affects live input, but I was curious about playback etc.


Buffer Size affects the real time playback. It doesn’t affect the exported data, because this is not done in a real time (if you don’t enable it).

“MIDI Notes” are not affected at all. Just a playback. So if you trigger a virtual instrument by the MIDI Note, then the sound (during the realtime playback) is affected.

Imagine, you have a container. You fill it with some data time to time. And then send it from the container to process it. To fill the container costs a time. If the container is small, you have to fill it more often. If you have to much data, and you missed to fill the container, you will not send it to process. So there is a drop out in the process = drop out in the sound.