Question about controllers at track level.

Classical music background (Spitfire BBC PRO). I have, say, 20 or 30 virtual instruments. I choose to configure, for each, 3 controllers on the containers, and 3 controllers on the tracks (expression, release, vibrato). I want to see these to work together in the track editor (the project window).

In the keyboard editor, I can save the configuration of the chosen controllers and recall it on all tracks. But in the track editor (the project window), this is not possible. I’m looking at the configuration of the tracks, nothing (nothing on controllers). Seems like nothing exists at this level to configure the 3 controllers on the set of tracks, to save a configuration and repeat it. You have to do everything track by track? !! I am wrong ? Is there something I can’t see?

if I understand you correctly what you want to do is:

setup your midi / audio track the way you want it with the wanted automation lanes visible
go to file -> export -> selected tracks
then go to file -> import -> track archive

this will give you a new track imported showing just like you saved it show all your automation lanes.

but I don’t know a way to get it back like you describe in the editor view with controller lanes - fastest way probarbly would be to “show all automation” if you track already contain automation.

Thanks, I’ll try, but it won’t work on existing tracks. So I have to do this before importing or creating MIDI data and choosing VST.

I’m still surprised by this lack. I don’t have to be alone in wanting to install the same configuration of controllers on a lot of tracks…