Question about Cubase 10 Pro , Absolute 4, and Halion

Hi there -
I am confused about the difference / what is included with Cubase 10 Pro, buying Absolute 4 seperately, and buying the top tier version of Halion separately. What is included and what is not in Cubase / Absolute?
If I wanted to get all of the content that Steinberg offers (the most up to date versions), what combination of products would I need to get?

I currently have Cubase 10 Pro, Nuendo 8, and WaveLab Pro.
So what should I be looking at to get the full Steinberg line from there?

Thank you

Absolute incudes Halion (and all that is included in Halion). It’s all on Steinberg’s site if you do a little digging.

Click Cubase 10 Pro and Virtual Instruments on this page to see the vsti’s in Cubase:

Scroll down about half way on this page to see what’s included with Absolute:

And scroll down about 1/3 on this page to see what’s in Halion:

I would imagine that to get all the content that Steinberg offers,
you’d have to buy everything currently available for purchase on their site, after sorting out duplicates.

I have several versions of Cubase and Absolute and that’s more than enough for me.