Question about- Cubase Ai "free W/interface" & Steinberg download interface>

So I recently purchased a Steinberg interface that I am extremely pleased with. Im in the process of getting all my gear back , slowly but surely :smiley:
I have a question for you all. ( I’m totally new to cubase anything, as I am a Pro tools veteran and everything is so different)…So I have this Steinberg download app which I was able to download cubase AI on. It was rather confusing at first, as I have access to so many programs ( afterwards I did have to put in a password in order to gain access to cubase Via an “e liscence” App of sorts)

Heres the question…In the download App there are these tabs like “nuendo” “dorico” “cubase” and “wavelabs” with all these programs. Are any of those free ( or do they come with my Cubase AI download?)
Or does each one require its own separate password you get from purchasing it somewhere.
Just curious if there’s any sounds/plugins/programs that I could add to cubase AI

On another note, Im really starting to love this program. Im going to have to do some “old School” methods, tracking my first project, as its far to difficult to switch between takes on AI ( I’ve read that if I were to upgrade I would get access to “lanes” which is cubase’s version of takes )
So rather than zooming out on the track, selecting the whole track, then looking for the little arrow to switch takes and THEN trying to find the region I want and copy and paste it on the “Keeper” track, …I’ve decided to have each instrument do multiple takes on separate tracks so that I can see them all and drag & drop /copy/paste , that way. Until I decide to upgrade, which I will determine once I’ve finished the project and got a better feel for it. Just thought id share that bit and see if anyone else had any ideas that may be more proficient.??

Thanks , And hello!

Adam Android

Hi Adam Android,

Thanks for your message.
Please note that I’ve moved your topic to the correct forum.

You did not mention which Steinberg audio device you’ve purchased.

Normally, these come with bundled special versions of our software.
In the box you should further information, where to find and how to download, install and activate these products.

Hope that helps!


I believe it is the Ur22mk2.
And thank you! I wasn’t quite sure where to post it.
The paperwork that came with it simply had a link, to download the Steinberg download app.
And had no instructions on using that app so I had to use common sense download the correct cubase (cubase ai) and figure it out on my own. So that’s my question if I have access to everything are there other programs that I can download? Are any of them free, or rAther an addition to cubase ai that was intended to be downloaded separately? I’m totally in the dark.