Question about Cubase Pro license

Hi all, I have a question about the license for Cubase.
I have Cubase 13 Pro as an upgrade from Cubase 12 Pro, it is possible to use them on two different computers at the same time?
For example, at home, on my PC using Cubase 12 Pro and at the studio, on another computer, running Cubase 13 pro at the same time using the same Steinberg license.

Thank you all.

Hi Luca

you can use the C13 Pro license on 3 computers at the same time, no need to use the old C12


The terms of the license are that you cannot use them simultaneously.

You are allowed to install our products on multiple computers , but you can only activate a product on three computers at any one time. A single-user license is intended for a single person, so it is not permitted to use the software on more than one computer simultaneously.