Question about Cursor Lag when rewinding or fast forwarding on Cubase13

Hello and thank you all for reading this. Im new here and hope I’m posting this in the correct area. I have an issue that perhaps someone can help me with. I am wanting to upgrade from Cubase 6.5 to 13 ( Big jump I know) and I am testing out Cubase 13 now on my Mac running Ventura. I have an external SSD 1TB and 16GB of Ram /i5 Processor with a Radeon Pro 2GB graphics card if this helps.

Anyhow , when running Cubase 13, I notice that when I rewind during playback or fast forward, my cursor jumps like crazy from one section of the project to a way different area but not all the time . Its intermittent . So I tried Cubase 12 to see if it would do it also , but there is no issues or lag when I run C12 on this Mac with my cursor . It’s just the cursor bar that’s being weird. Nothing else. Being that Im coming from Cubase 6.5, I’m trying to learn and update myself the best I can and wondering if there is something I’m doing wrong or something I can adjust in my settings on my Mac to help C13 to be smooth during playback and especially during rewinding and fast forwarding .

Is it something to do with my computer not being able to handle the graphics in c13 ? Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you Cubase friends.