Question about Dark Mode (since Mojave)

On my side I recently was testing the compilation of an open source project on each macOS releases.
This made me wonder whether the Dark Mode support requires macOS 10.14 SDK, hence my confirmation request to you developers of Dorico.

P.S.: If that’s the case, then the reason why Dorico at this moment cannot support the Dark Mode is that Steinberg has no reason at this moment to throw the users of macOS 10.11-10.13 away, and such reason is fully understandable.

According to Apple’s documentation it is possible for applications built against earlier versions of the SDK to support Dark Mode. However, the version of Qt that Dorico currently uses does not support Dark Mode. We have not ruled out support for Dark Mode in a future version of Dorico, but any support would be limited in nature, since Dorico does not use the system appearance settings for anything (even the file chooser dialogs, which look most like macOS native dialogs, are wrapped by Qt, and so are dependent on what Qt allows).

Thanks for your reply. It is a good chance now to talk about how clipboard hotkeys fuction in the text edit boxes of the Qt file saving / opening dialogs (include the “go” function triggered by CMD+SHIFT+G). To my experience till now, this never work in Sibelius, Dorico, and Studio One (uses a forked Qt with massive modifications). I am wondering what it behaves with Dorico on your mac.

For me, Dorico’s interface is sufficiently ‘dark’. It’s a cross-platform product, so I’m happy to accept the compromise. I’d rather time and effort was spent on notation features.

  1. The white title bar is still distracting, but I won’t urge this anymore as the Dorico team cannot do anything with this.

  2. Once Qt provides official support which can make this come true, I guess it will be a piece of cake to Dorico team as long as Qt gives sufficient instructions and support.

This problem is described here. Basically there are some limitations on whether Command-C/V etc. will work in system dialogs on macOS: the shortcuts must be mapped onto the right global commands in the top-level menu. In theory Dorico’s commands meet this criterion, but there are other problems with declaring the necessary QMenuRole so we don’t use this in all cases.

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