Question about double stop glissandi cross staff

I’m trying to engrave a piece that has some synth work with long glissandi and wanted to know if there is a way to fake this passage. I’m using finale in the example, so the faded rests are hidden in the pdf. I have a couple ways to notate this, but either way I need to get two glissando lines for a “long gliss” across bars. Any suggestions?

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 6.23.11 PM

Welcome to the forum! This should be fairly easy in Dorico – just select the top notehead in the first chord and the top notehead in the second chord and input a glissando line; repeat for the lower noteheads.

Provided the staves belong to the same instrument, like a piano, you can have cross-staff and cross-bar glissando lines.

Did not know about ctrl+click being able to select multiple notes like shift does in other programs, thanks!

Ctrl-click and Shift-click work exactly the same as in other programs. The first selects discrete objects, the second tries to select everything in between.

I don’t believe that’s as common as you think. I just tried it for fun in my two DAWs and other notation program, and it’s not true on a single other program I tried (Finale, Ableton, Digital Performer). Thanks for the input though!

Hmm… Now let me think… Well, it works like this in Dorico, Finale (yes it does!), Sibelius and MuseScore… I only use Cakewalk and Waveform as DAWs ( but, hey, it works for them too). It is also the common usage across all other apps I use from email, word processors spreadsheets etc. etc.

Maybe I’m missing something… how do you utilize that in finale?


I’m a DP user and their non-standard use of Shift and Cmd/Ctrl still trips me up after decades of use.


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