Question about Fades

can Nuendo7 do something like the ProTools “Batch Fades”, this is a very common task form in PT. After i finished recording any voiceover i strip silence the whole track and next i use ctrl-f to make fade ins and outs. And of course crossfades as well with just one dialog box!
I know N7 has the “autofade function”, but it don’t show me those fades so i can’t see if it might start to blend any transients. Can someone help me here?

Sorry, i’m still a bit in PT mode in my head :slight_smile:


In Fade-In, Fade-Out and Crossfade Editor you can set any sort of fade as Default Fade (that is not AutoFade). Then there are shortcuts to apply this Default Fades/Crossfades. To apply all of them at once you would have do a macro. That is easy.