Question about "GA SE rock pop toolbox drums"

Can anyone please provide some description of that product (or a link where to find it)?
Does it contain drum sounds that can be used in MIDI tracks?
Is it included in the Cubase Pro (11, in my case) license or has it to be purchased separately?

It’s included with GASE5, so there isn’t separate sales type info. Here’s a screen cap of the library. Hope it gives you some idea of the library contents.

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Thanks for your answer.
My main doubt is about the kind of content.
Does it include just sample loops and patterns or also additional actual “drum kits” usable in standard MIDI tracks?

The Allen Morgan Pop-Rock Toolbox is included for free with Cubase. It can be downloaded using the Steinberg Download Manager, and contains 30+ song construction kits that include the following content:

  • 32 standalone drum kits for Groove Agent SE, sampled at multiple velocity layers. Like all GA content, these kits can be both played completely manually or using the provided MIDI patterns. The drum kits are pre-processed, and should sound good in most songs with only minimal tweaking required.
  • Hundreds of bass, acoustic guitar and electric guitar audio loops. Both amped and clean DI versions of these loops are provided for flexibility.
  • Hundreds of MIDI loops. These can be dragged and dropped into existing MIDI tracks, or double clicked to create a new track mapped to an appropriate pre-configured instrument. Loops intended for organs, pianos, electric pianos, pads, strings and synths are included.
  • Projects showcasing all of the construction kit pieces above working together.

This content can be found using the MediaBay (press F5), while the standalone drum kits can also be accessed directly from Groove Agent SE’s preset browser.

Thanks very much for your useful detailed explanation.
I don’t usually use audio or MIDI loops (I’d feel as is I were… cheating somehow), but the 32 drum kits are certainly a quite good reason, for me, to install and explore.