Question about inputting microtonal accidentals


I am trying to input microtonal accidentals in a score. It seems it is not working. Please see the gif.

Also, Is that possible to have our tonality system show up globally for every project without exporting and importing them.

You have to add a key signature first, even if that key signature doesn’t show any accidentals. It’s the key signature that carries the tonality system.

And before that I need to define my Accidentals and set their divisions, etc. If I close this project and reopen the new one, I have to redo it, or imported from the previous projects, if the tonality systems are exported.

Is there an easier way? Why Dorico doesn’t allow inserting accidentals just like Equal temperament (12-EDO)? Isn’t the 24-EDO is unique just like 12-EDO?

You can only use the accidentals available in the current tonality system, so yes if you want to use accidentals beyond those in the 12-EDO tonality system, you have to change the tonality system “in play”.

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If you want to save your custom tonality system for use in other projects, you can use the Save As Default button in the bottom left corner of the Edit Tonality System (just like custom Playing Techniques, custom Lines, custom Paragraph Styles etc.).

It’ll then appear in the Tonality System dropdown in all of your projects.

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I created a new Persian accidental one that looks like an inverted FLAT vertically. However, its pitch delta is dimmed, and also the accidental cannot be deleted to create know one!

As you see in the .gif file, when I create a new accidental, it duplicates it and I can’t delete the old one! I adds also multiple identical accidentals. Isn’t this a bug?

I’ve attached the project file. Please, also see the gif file!

accidental (468.7 KB)

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It looks like you created your initial Persian accidental by editing the “natural” provided by default - natural accidentals can only ever have a 0 delta (as mentioned in this topic). I think also you can’t delete the default natural accidental, but you should be able to delete new accidentals you’ve added to the tonality system. (A bit like elsewhere, you can’t delete the paragraph styles that are provided by default.)


Alright. Honestly, Dorico should not allow user to mess that up then! Is there a reason that we should know, please? There was a state ( I can’t reproduce) that I could delete the Natural.

I just changed the modified Natural accidental back to its origin and it works fine.

Do you mean “Is there a reason that you can’t change the delta of the natural accidental”? Probably because natural means that a note is not raised or lowered. You can edit the appearance of the natural accidental because you might want it to appear differently in your custom tonality system.

As to the state of the new accidentals (duplicated from the natural, I believe?) I’m not sure I could answer that. I would hazard a guess it’s because new accidentals that you’ve added can be deleted, but the natural accidental can’t so there’s a chance Dorico recognises the “newness” but then subsequently the “naturalness”.

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No, I meant the Naturals should be immutable/non-modifiable but they are not. I suppose the rationale would be in a culture they look different than the Standard one.

Thank you Leo. That works.
But it would be nice to have a showing up in a list to select from the systems saved.