Question about installing 32bit and 64bit Cubase 6.5

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I have a question - I apologise in advance if I confuse anyone…!

As a birthday gift last year I was given a boxed version of Cubase Artist 6 and installed it in 64 bit on my Win 7 64bit PC. No probs. Loved it!
After a while I upgraded to Cubase Artist 6.5 so that I could use the fab new synths and features…

…this month a great offer popped up and I decided to take the plunge and go for the full upgrade to Cubase 6.5.

Right - hope I’m making sense…here comes the messy part!!

I have found a few 32 bit plugins by Variety of Sound that I love to bits but freeze and crash in Cubase 6.5 when running in 64 bit no matter what I try (even jBridge won’t make them work).

Sooo, I would like to install the 32 bit version of Cubase 6.5 along side the 64 bit installation so that I can still use the V.O.S Plugins when I would like.
However - as I don’t have a hard copy of Cubase 6.5 (the upgrade was an unlock code) I don’t know how to go about this!! Surely I don’t have to install my original Artist 6 in 32bit and somehow upgrade it again and unlock it? I tried downloading a demo of Cubase 6.5 so that I use the install but I was e-mailed a code for it and obviously that is different to my unlock code!!

Any help with this would be great! I’ve even confused myself now!


Kat :smiley:

Just install the 32 bit version of cubase artist from the disc as normal and your elicence will unlock it to full version ( the licence is the only differance not the software)

Then download and install the 6.5 update on top.

Then the same for the 6.5.4 update.

If you do not have the 6.5 update make sure your signed in a go here

Hi guys,

Thanks for the advice Megacon - I will try that right away :slight_smile: I was pretty unsure how to go about it!

@ Bredo - Yep, sooo many people on the blog report V.O.S plugs working a treat on their set up so I presume something is going wrong with my set up or computer :confused: I guessed it was an issue with the 64bit thing because I tried Density MK III (wow) in a 32bit version of Ableton Live Lite that came with an old keyboard and it worked a dream…but in Cubase, if I use more than one of any of them it hangs and I have to manually ‘quit’…and jBridge does the same!

Not to worry! Thanks everyone, I appreciate it - I’ll get re-installing :slight_smile: