Question about iso


I have a question about iso’s and their locations.

When I make an iso and cue file I can import this file back into Wavelab just fine. However, it I move this file to another location and try to import the iso, the audio won’t import.

I checked the cue file with a text editor and noticed that the file is referencing the original location. I can always move the files back to the original location or edit the cue file with a text editor and the iso will impot just fine. Here’s the question - If I send the iso and cue file to a client, how can I ensure that the cue references the correct location of the audio file?



In the cue file remove the path from the file name; then the file will be taken from the same directory as the cue file.


from another post…

Audio Montage Workspace–>Options—>Audio Montage Preferences–> CD Cue Sheets–> is set to “Write Audio File names without path”

Paul and Zoundman,

Perfect! Thanks so much for the help!


Image Cue creates 2 files, right?
The Cue file and image.
The image on Wavelab is in wav format?

Cause I can’t burn this on Nero… :open_mouth:

Do you use CD Text?

Yes, i’m using CD text

I don’t know with recent versions of Nero, but in the past, Nero was not recognizing all CD-Text fields in the Cue file.
Try to only keep the last fields empty, for each track, to see if that makes a difference.

I’m just using the artist, title and album title…

Try to inverse the setting mentionned by zoundman, above in this thread.
Else, I don’t know.

I’ve this option on.