question about latency

Does anybody know if it makes any difference to set the soundcard latency to 96 or 1024 or whatever value when burning a montage to CD (without rendering first)?
Or does WL ignore latency when rendering or burning?
I am talking about both WL7 and version 6.
Just burnt a cd directly from montage (without rendering first) and I had the latency accidentally set to 96.
CD seems fine, but I want to be sure, especially for future works.

Rendering and burning is completly independant from the hardware latency, unless you use the external gear plugin.

Wow. That was fast! Thank you. Sorry, I just realized that it was an old project and I used WL6. Does the same apply to both version of the program?
By the way, thank you for the last update of WL7. All plugins issues solved.
I love this program.

Ys, for both vesions.