Question About License Agreement time?

I sent in my SDK vst3 license agreement how long should it take to hear back it’s been about a week? Any thoughts on this would help thank you forum members!

Also do I have to actually print out sign then scan or can I just digitally fill in the printed signature area ?

Normally under 1 week you should get a feedback from us.
Like you said you can print, sign, scan and send it to us or you can edit the PDF (with for example Foxit Reader) and insert your signature bitmap (handmade and scan or photo) and send it to us.

Well I probably need to resend it in because I just typed my name in the printed signature box oops!!

I will insert a scan of my signature this time…
where should I send it to or should I send it to

Thank you!!

I still have not heard back from Steinberg they must be pretty busy. Is there a telephone number I could call or another way I need to apply or should I just keep waiting?