Question about local frames

My most current project is a book. So far it is moving VERY fast.

I am using a lot of blank pages and adding local music frames to each page to show the examples of each book. Each exercise line is an independent flow. I have around 160 flows.

But one major question I have is why when I add a new local music frame, does it default to showing the contents of flow 111, and not say the next flow, or flow 1. I have to scroll through the list to turn off flow 111 every time (except for the frame that uses flow 111). Could this be set to maybe default to the first flow. It would be easier to turn off the unwanted flow, as one wouldn’t have to search for the flow it defaults to.


I figured why it was going to flow 111, apparently flow 111 was the last flow that existed when I created the layout. So it was defaulting to the last flow, which appears to be normal behavior.

But I still have the request, to have it default to the first one, so it is easier to turn off (less hunting through a huge list of flows).


Robby, if you unlink the Frame Chain of your newly created music frame, you should find that you are starting with a “blank slate” regarding flows. You can then simply scroll the list and select the frame you want. I’m not sure how much time it will save in the long run with that many flows, as you will still have to scroll the list to select the flow, but at least you shouldn’t have to get to the bottom of the list to deselect that last flow! :slight_smile: