Question about Logical Editor


I have a question about Logical Editor. I have used the tool often to create random drum fill patterns between certain notes. I would like to ask that is there a way to set random pitch values for specific notes. E.g., using notes D1, A1 and B1 and excluding everything else? How the filtering logic should be done for this kind of scenario since the notes are not adjacent. Thanks in advance!

I haven’t tried, but you might be able to accomplish it by doing it in multiple steps. Several Logical Editor presets that you string together as a Macro.
The first one would randomize the note pitch between 0-2. The next LE would replace note value 0 with 42, 1 with 45 and 2 with 46. (Or whatever note values of your choosing).

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Very cool idea to utilise Macros with Logical Editor presets.