Question about lyrics, tuplets, grace notes, and pop-overs

Here is a very small example of a possible snare drum part.

Tuplet/Grace Note Question:

When entering this, the grace note falls in the middle of the triplet. When I would hit the slash to turn on grace note entry, Dorico automatically turned off the “sticky” tuplet tool. While this not really a huge issue, it seems opposite to the way Dorico does things. So I was wondering if this is “as designed” or a possible bug.

Lyric question:

I am trying to re-compile drum exercise packets I have done in the past. Since most do not have dynamics, I can create them easily and use the lyric tool for stickings. As you can see here, using the lyric tool creates what I believe is a word extension line. In most modern drum parts, when it comes to a flam, the grace note does not get a sticking, as it is understood to be the opposite hand of the main note. Or if it does, the sticking is relative to the same size as the grace note. How does one hide, or remove, these lyric extension lines? I couldn’t find it in engrave option.

Pop-over question:

As I am typing lyrics into this percussion part for stickings, you can see that it hides most of the music. If I was working on a very rhythmic measure, it is possible, that I could get lost and looking up to see where I am doesn’t really offer any help. I haven’t noticed the pop-over being an issue anywhere else in the use of Dorico, except here. Maybe it is the 1-line staff? I am not sure. But is there a way to maybe move the pop-over more out of the way in future versions?


Concerning your Lyrics question: if you avance the pop-over with right arrow Dorico doesn’t create an extender line. You could also ‘turn off’ extender lines by inputting a high value for the ‘Minimum length for extender line’ option in Engraving Options.


Thanks for that information! It works like a charm! Using the arrow does the trick. This is a great work around, and solves the issue.

The only problem, is that this goes back to the pop-over issue. Sometimes, I can’t 100% see where I am inputting the lyrics.

But, your solution will get me very far… so all is good.

Thanks again!

I suspect the sticky tuplets thing is as designed; not a bug. Think about a situation where (in a cadenza, for example) you WANT triplet grace-notes. How would you do this if sticky tuplets were left on but grace-notes were not automatically written as tuplets?

That’s a good point. I was thinking that it might be as designed. But couldn’t think if I have ever seen grace note tuplets. Generally I have only seen grace notes beam together, not tuplet indication of any type.


Just for the record: If I’m not mistaken, and I’m almost certain I’m not, you can’t currently create grace note tuplets in Dorico. You might be interested in this thread.

That’s a fair point, Florian, and one I’d overlooked. So in that case, perhaps it’s that sticky tuplets are turned off to prevent the unenlightened from popping up here and saying “I’ve got triplets turned on but my grace-notes aren’t coming out as triplets” :wink: