question about midi

Hey, I have 2 questions.

  1. is there a way I can select midi and make every selected midi note extend so that the end of that note meets the begining of the next note? I’m doing a lot of work with guitar VI’s and its really tedous to go through and make manually fix every single note

  2. Is there a way to take midi that I drew in, and is 100% quantized, and make it slightly off without moving it by hand, basically de-quantizing it so its just a little off beat. I’m wanting to do this as some of my library have a machine gun effect even though they have round robin, mostly only happens on really fast passages. I’m not talking much, just a few milliseconds so it sounds less robotic. Currently all my music sounds a little ridged because there are not those human imperfections and the music is to fast/technical to play in even at a lower speed.

Not at my rig at the moment, but for 1) Have a look at Midi - Legato. In a part, select Ctrl-A to select all notes, right-click, functions (?) Legato. It’s something like that. Have a nosey at the manual (not meant as a criticism)
2) turn snap off or set it to 128 or something. select the notes and use the nudge tools. Or perhaps the groove editor may help. As I said, not at my rig at the moment so this answer is a bit thin.
Varying the velocities may also reduce the machine gun effect.
Others will come in with better answers!