Question about mixdown tracks with a lot of silence in them

I’m getting ready to export all of my tracks to send out for mixing/mastering and they all have to start at the beginning of the song. So, even when there’s just one little bit of audio 2 minutes in, I have to have it exported so it will be a file that starts from the very beginning. This is making audio files with hardly anything on them quite large. Is there a way to get around this?

Well, obviously if you need them all to start from the beginning, then there is no way to get around this.

As a small advantage if a file plays 30secs in and has nothing after it you can trim the end locater to not include 3 mins of silence.

Don’t worry about the size, it’s far better to make sure it all lines up at the engineer’s end without question than to save a little time or space. Zip those files and see how much gets trimmed.

which daw does he use .

I agree.

It wont compress a full audio track much, but if the track has empty spaces it will compress them a lot.

For example,

I just exported an audio track with 5 seconds of audio in the middle, came out at 66mb
Zipped it and it ended up at 1mb, big difference! :wink: