Question about N5.5 Events "on top" behavior

EDIT: Please scroll down for a better description incl pictures! EDIT

I am quite happy with N5.5 - though a lot of C6 event-color scheme is used (maybe this was already there in N5) - for example I don’t like the gray wave-forms - I would like to have solid black - and I dislike the crosshatching in case of overlapping (in audio-projects I usually have 90% of the stuff stacked on top of each other / overlapping, so here it just looks cheap and stupid…)

Ok - but that is all just design. My problem (and what caused me to stop using C6) is:

If I have overlapping events (for example multiple takes of drums) - usually they are scaled - that means:

Take 1 starts alone and ends (somewhere) below Take 2… I edit the beginning of take 2 so that Take 2 maybe starts with the first kickdrum in bar 3.

Now I decide to grab Take 1 and move a little. Now the complete Take 1 (resp the events) are ON TOP. That means that Take 1 does not end “somewhere” below Take 2 anymore - instead of that Take 1 runs out till its end ON TOP of take 2 - and my edit is broken as well as outtake-material is on top now.

How can I avoid this? Something like that seriously messes with ALL of the editing. Without a solution I can’t do any editing in the moment and I have to go back to Cubase 5.5 in the moment…

Unfortunately what you want can not easily be done it seems - it’s the same editing nightmare as Cubase 6. The new lanes system is seriously messed up for any “real world” work.


How can I edit now?

The lanes thing is up to taste and needs some … mh… adaption… But that event-on-top-thing?? I tried all kind of key-modifiers…

EDIT: Aaaaah - whats up with the lanes - cool concept the new thing but when I click on underlying stuff it is now playing and the stuff on top is muted. Ohhh this will cause serious serious user errors… shit…


Fortunately the “transparent event” option is still there AND the way the highlighted events are handled (red frame instead of the stupid color-invert from C6). When using transparent events I don’t have that crosshatched garbage as well - this is really cool. In N4 I used to have transparent events activated all the time.

Lanes, events on top etc are all tied together. Clicking on a take “activates it” (sends it to the top). You can select a take without activating it by using shift + select but in my experience you end up with 1000s of unnecessary clicks throughout the day. Not to mention if you accidentally click an event your comp becomes messed up.

I agree. I think the selection should be done according a modifier, and not by simply clicking on the event.


Also, I think, splitting across all lanes should be done via modifier. Now you can’t split event on specific Lane.


And here my main problem:

  1. I have two Events - Event 1 overlaps Event 2 - everything is fine (–> Edit1.jpg)
  2. I grab Event2 with the mouse because I want to move it a very little
  3. now Event 2 is on TOP of event 1 which means that a BAD part of an event is now on TOP of my already chosen and edited to taste performance
    What to do??! How can anyone edit like this?

well - but when I click shift I can not move the event!

Is me again…

Well, the new lanes thing is a brilliant way to combine lines AND a high resolution audiotrack. That was something what I was missing all the time - beeing able to comp like hell but not beeing able to take care about breaths and smaller details at this point.

But now a very great feature is broken because of that “you click it and it is on top” thing. I just tried a quick and dirty lanes-vox comping and just because of THIS behavior it is impossible to edit… Nearly impossible.

You’re preaching to the converted :slight_smile: I don’t like the new lanes system at all and I can’t use it as I can never be sure that what I have active is actually what I want. I have no confidence in it.

With the previous lanes system you could select events, move, trim, timestretch, slip, change gain etc all while a take was playing without it becoming accidentally active.

Damn, my last post was eaten - again:

Yea, exactly - thats why I can not use the new lanes even if I like that I can now see/edit the full-resolution track in the same time. But how can I switch back the old behavior? I can’t use the new one but I can’t live without lanes…

And I am still searching for a way to avoid the moved events to be on top. this drives me mad. I can manually bring the event on the left in front again, but this means that it is on top ON BOTH ends - so the problem is only moved. Only way is to edit from left to right, but I can not edit 666 events again just because I decided to move a previous edited event again.

Unfortunately there is no way that I can see to bring the old behaviour back. It is the same in Cubase 6 and I can’t use Cubase 6 for any editing with lanes. Back to Nuendo 5.1 for lane editing…

just played around with it a while. if there is really now way of bringing the “old” behaviour back then this is a deal breaker. what was the reason to change this at all? doesn´t make any sense to me…

improving 3 big things and making 6 things worse so you can´t use the new things at all is somehow strange.

Yea… I can not understand it. It renders the whole thing useless for me, because editing-by-hand is a big part of my job. Now I have all what I need finally (grid lines follows quantisation for example) but some basic features are broken.

Not as bad as in C6 though… I am so happy that we still have transparent events (they dropped that in C6) as well as selected events are still with a red frame instead of that annoying color-inverting… Stuff like that…

same problem here with the new behaviour…


Yikes what happend?

I tried all modifiers. Not possible to split event on specific Lane.

Like Rustami said.

Another thing I’m unable to do is moving events on lanes with CTRL/ALT. According to the manual 5.5 addendum, this should move events without putting them on top (if I understand it correctly). Doesn’t work here, CTRL/ALT does what it always does, copying the event…

Not possible as well. Very annoying.