question about new install ... existing VSTs/data folders

After a decade or more away from Cubase, I’ve purchased, installed, activated and registered Pro8. I already have NI Komplete and a few other plugs installed, and don’t have a clear idea of how best to set up/locate and organize 3rd party VSTs. I’ve tried pointing and scanning Media Bay at different folders with no luck so far.

Also, I generally install all bulky synth libraries on a separate partition from the operating system … how can I direct Cubase to install Halion and other libraries to this location and recognise these existing VST instruments?

Have looked around the manual but can’t seem to sort out these basics. Any suggestions how to set my existing VSTs & associated data folders (or pointers to recommended tutorials) much appreciated … thanks

What platform are you using? Apple OS or PC Win x x?

On a windows system the VST’s are usually installed into System/c:/program files/Vstplugins (64bit) pr (32bit) usually System/c:/Program Files(x86)

Inside cubase, look under the Devices drop down menu (top task bar) and go to the Plug in manager, open that up and you’ll be able to add path settings for other drives/folders that you may have installed plugins into.

The media bay won’t re organise third party instruments or presets unless they’ve been opened and saved back as a preset in the Cubase format.

When you’ve set the relevant paths in the plug in manager, you can then point the plug in (once its’s launched to it’s specific library, ie kontakt libraries on a different drive.

Thanks … all good now …