Question about Player numbering

Here is a screen shot of a file I have been working on over the last several weeks (I am not in hurry, so I have been taking my time - not because it has been hard to do).

I could have sworn that the marimba parts were number in the correct order. And for some reason now, they are not. I do not recall doing anything to the file as far as ordering and numbering to make this change happen.

Is there a way to tell Dorico to change the name from Marimba 1 to marimba 2 and from marimba 2 to marimba 1, besides having to go in and manually rename them?


And upon further review… there really seems to be no way to change the numbering part of the name.


The instruments get numbered according to the order in which they’re added. We do plan to have a means of renumbering the instruments in the order in which they are currently shown, or indeed to reorder the instruments according to their current number, but that’s not yet been done, I’m afraid. For now I suggest you move the other instruments held by each percussionist aside from the marimba to the other player, and then copy and paste the music played by marimba 2 that should be played by marimba 1 to the other instrument, and vice versa.

Ok, I’ll look into that… the thing that seems very odd, is that I do not believe I added them out of order of moved them.

Nonetheless, I’ll work at doing your suggestion to get things situated properly.


Alternatively, you could try renaming one of the marimbas. Doesn’t matter what to. Then rename it back to marimba. The numbering will automatically update itself. I ran into something along these lines two or three weeks ago, and it worked just fine—no moving, copying, or pasting necessary. I haven’t tried it with a player who is holding multiple instruments like you have, but I’m pretty sure it should work.

Snakeeyes!!! Absolutely brilliant!!! Your method worked like a champ!


Snakeeyes…clever! (remind me not to play poker with you!)