Question about score editor, drum notation and transpose

I am running some test pieces to understand drum notation using Cubase score.
To do this I am simply using groove agent and loading a kit “Feel how sweet it is”. Putting together a few basic patterns, using the step editor and quantizing in the drum editor. Everything is strict tempo. It all sounds good, if a little too rigid…
When I go to the Score Editor, there things are going wrong, the parts are showing notation gibberish. Opening up Staff settings I adjust the display quantize settings I can get the notes to be readable, but if I use the drum clef they are showing 7 or 8 ledger lines down.
I realise I can get this legible by using a bass clef. But I am trying to do this “right” if there is such a thing in percussion notation as “right” ( I have some doubts!).
I come across lists like the one below, which allocate specific notes to bits of kit - but these do not correspond to the pitch allocations in Groove agent and hence the drum editor.

Obviously there are at least two solutions - change the clef from a drum clef to the musical ones, and secondly, change the pitch allocations in grove agent.

Not sure which way to go…

Any advice wise ones?

thank you


Normally one uses a drum map for this purpose.

You might have to create or edit the map using Drum Map setup.
Have you tried to generate the map from the Inspector?


Yes I tried this but got a bad result. I just discovered something VERY weird. If you go to Score Settings/ Options/ Score Drum Map and turn OFF the option " Use Score Drum Map", the ledger line issue dissappears which makes the music LOOK readable, to me, but whether a percussionist would agree, I really don’t know?
With the option cited turned off, I can still have the percussion clef and get notes on the score or useably near abouts.

hmmmm …confuzzling my remaiining neuron…

Zemphasized text

I think you should simply edit the drum map itself manually. It’s the Display Note column that sets the pitch to be displayed.

As far as what a percussionist reads, the “standard” differs depending on style.

I honestly have never figured out how the function of editing the the Drum Map in the Score Editor should work, so I simply do it manually when I need it. It’s been for jazz charts, so there’s not too many different drum instruments.

This is an area that hasn’t been updated in quite some time,.

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