Question about scrubbing playback

Dear everyone
I’ve heard that Dorico is considering scrubbing playback for future release.

Also, I think Scrubbing Playback is one of the most important functions for composers

My questions are

  1. May I ask when Dorico 5 will release?
  2. Will Dorico 5 or earlier version(e.g. 4.5) support Scrubbing Playback?
  3. Also, Scrubbing Playback can play whole notes at the same time line(vertically) including treble and bass together (if it is piano score).
    Also, it should support mouse dragging (to do scrubbing playback). That is, I can drag forward or backward while pressing mouse left button. If it is backward dragging, it will play backward.
    This is important
    (Cakewalk 9 did those successfully long time ago)
    Of course, if there is option to choose between playing only one clef or playing whole clefs, this will be fantastic

So have a nice day, all of you
Thank you

The team have literally just finished working on Dorico 4.3.

There’s no way they would announce features and schedules for the next major release now.

Hello, Ben
How are you?

OK, but I guess Dorico 5 will release may next year, so I want to hear if version 5 will support scrubbing or not. I really miss it

So have a nice day, Ben

We can’t make any promises about what will be included in the next major version of Dorico at this stage.

Dear Daniel

How are you and nice to see you again, Daniel
OK, I understand, I will look forward to Dorico 5, any way.

Have a nice day, Daniel
Take care