Question about Staves and Names and Instruments

The online reference doesn’t mention this… so here is a question.

I am sure everyone is very busy, no rush, but when someone finds a free moment I’d like help.

I am entering in part of musical just for fun… I have 2 soprano singers in this particular piece. I tried to change the soprano voice on the first soprano staff to reflect the name of the character (say Sally), I renamed the player, but in the score it still said “soprano 1.” I clicked on the instrument under the player name, and hit edit name. Changed the name to Sally. When I added “Suzie” as a soprano, the name of the player showed Suzie (as I changed it), but the part in the score now showed “Sally 2”.

How do I get 2 soprano voices in the score, to show the character name?


Wow, you’re right. Try as I might, I couldn’t get around this. This is kind of a big deal for those of us who work in the theatre!


Is this the kind of thing you’re trying to achieve?
Screenshot 2016-10-20 23.53.12.png

Apologies for jumping ahead of thread starter, but if it was me who created this score, I would want to lose the 1 and the 2 and just keep the character names.


I just want it to say “Sally” and “Suzie”, no numbers, and playback on the Soprano voice sound.

Exactly. Principal characters in a music theatre show don’t need numbers, and it appears that there is no way to remove them.

That is true right at the moment, yes. We should really decide whether or not to number the players based on whether they have ended up with the same name, rather than whether they have the same underlying instrument type. This will be addressed as soon as we can take care of it.

I know this is from a long time ago, but is there any progress made in this area? I haven’t seen anything and thought I would see if there is.


There’s not been any significant changes, except for fixing the problem whereby instruments with different names but the same underlying instrument type would incorrectly have been numbered as if they were the same.

Thanks Daniel!

I know there are so many more important things to work on (like percussion notation), but I would like to see improvements in this area when time permits

Keep up the good work!