Question about stretching samples

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I know in fruity loops there is a way to “stretch a sample”,

For example: i have a sample of synth who goes down, And its length is 8 seconds.

now what i want is to extend the sample to 15 seconds, And of course not to “harm” the pitch and tempo.

I would love to help, I tried a lot options, I searched in many places, but i didn’t find the “cubase way”

Thanks in advance :sunglasses:

This should answer your question:

no this is not what i am looking for…i know what is Time stretch. :cry:

I wrote that I wanted to extend the sample.

Not exactly sure what you mean when you say ‘extend’? Do you mean that the end of the sample matches the length of other parts but the content is exactly the same? So it still contains the 8 second content? So you will have 7 seconds of silence at the end. Or do you want to fill it up with a copy of the original content so the it will actually sounds for 15 seconds?

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Exactly what you wrote in the last line,“Or do you want to fill it up with a copy of the original content so the it will actually sounds for 15 seconds?”

This what i mean streach, and if you familiar with Fl you will know what i am talking about.

I want the sample will hear just like the 7 seconds (Without changing the pitch and tempo) + 8 seconds.

Sorry but not too familiar with FL Studio. But I suppose you could just copy the part by dragging it from the middel at the end of the part and clue them together? That would preserve everything as it was before but now it’s twice as long.

From the middel at the end of part it will give me 3.5 seconds…+ its synth sample so it’s changing in time.

there must be a better way…

No, you can just copy the entire part by clicking at the end and drag it to the right. You then have an exact copy of the part and now you can glue it together if you wish. So now you have a part of 16 seconds. It’s only 2 clicks.

For anyone not familiar with fruity loops can you explain it more clearly or link a YouTube video showing it or something.
It really does sound like you just want to time stretch the sample to me.

Use the sampler track or Groove Agent - Find a loop within the sample that works - you’ve got various loop modes to choose from.

copy of the two samples will not give me the required result, it’s synth sample who change every second.

I was thinking about sampler track or Groove Agent, but i didn’t find the desired result.

Thank you all :wink:

As far as I can see from the section at 46 seconds he is indeed using time stretch…see 46:29 and on.

It may just be that the way the FL Time Stretch algorithm works is more suitable for this type of effect than the Cubase ones…or just easier to use for this desired effect.

I tend to agree with Manike and would try with Sampler Track if a simple Time Stretch doesn’t work.

Yep…that’s timestretch.

Go to the arrow tool on the toolbar and choose “Sizing Applies Time Stretch” then grab the edge of the event and drag it to the length you want.

I knew it had to be simple, Thank you Grim you helped me alot :smiley:

but now the bpm is change, so what is the best way to return the original bpm?

time stretch will bring it back to what it was before

i didn’t find something in Sampler Track, Time Stretch it’s basically what it is, but how to make it… :confused:

I think people were trying to offer alternatives because you had specifically said it wan’t timestretch. There would be no point in doing this for this use case any other way than sizing applies timestretch.

Maybe cubase team will have the answer ???
please… :cry:

The answer to what?..I already gave you the solution to do what you showed in the video??

So how do you explain it, how he did it?

I think you’re expecting something to happen that is totally impossible. In that video as far as I can see he imports a file and then he makes it longer to fit the space. This is what the method I gave you will do in exactly the same way.

If you stretch a sample to a different length of course the BPM MUST change, it is the laws of physics.
You can’t make a sample that fits BPM longer and still fit the BPM (excepting if you exactly double the length so it plays half time.)