Question about tempochanges


I made a composition in 130bpm for large orchestra but the conductor rather wants it in written out 65bpm, so i need to make every note half the length it was

To my knowledge there are two ways to change the length of the notes, Logical Editor/double tempo -or-
change cursor to the stretch tool and drag the blocks to half their length.

Both do the job but both leave the automation the way it was.

Is there a way to change everything, notes and automation to the new length?


(Without actually verifying it here myself :wink: )…

  1. Set each track to Linear Timebase
  2. Change the tempo from 130 BPM to 65 BPM
  3. Change the tracks back to Musical Timebase.

yes that works, but it doesn’t make sense to do this for 300+ tracks every time.

there must be a more time saving function for this… i hope :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for your idea :slight_smile:

There’s a Project Logical Editor preset for that… just select all your tracks first :wink:.