Question about the clear writing of beaming and silences


, I would like to ask if it is possible to obtain a type of writing like the one shown in the image marked in red with the standard options of the score editor. The red example shows greater clarity of writing and comprehension, I have achieved it with a “workaround” of writing the rests as notes, then hiding them and inserting rest graphics which is somewhat cumbersome. Is there a more automatic way using the standard options of the score editor to achieve this type of writing? without having to resort to those tricks that can consume some time. Through the options I have not been able to join the silences in the group of notes when they are at the end and I have not been able to get them to be joined by a small line as I show in the red example, which helps a better reading.

Go to:
Score Settings>Project>Notation Style
And under “H. W. Henze Style” check “Beamed Rests”


Thank you Maestro for this trick. it was exactly what i was looking for. I really thank you as you have saved me a lot of time.

Greetings from Argentina

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That’s why he’s the @MAESTRO!



Serious 2|

Hello, here I am again. The function does exactly what I needed graphically but has produced several “Serious error” messages when this option is enabled and I have tried to adjust the stems. The error occurs when I try to adjust a stem of a group of figures that ends or begins with rest. This has produced massive “Serious error” messages and even many complete Cubase crashes. I have managed to reproduce the error in a new project with a few bars. The only way around it that I found is to fill in the rests with notes and then move the stems and then delete the note, but it’s not a very good thing. I’m attaching the video of the errors in the score that I’m editing and the same errors creating a new project and doing the same thing.
I have also noticed a large number of graphic glitches such as lines between the different staffs that make it necessary to press the UPD button very often. Because of this this feature seems to be somewhat unusable.
Is there any way to fix this? Thanks!