Question about The Grand Licence

C6 is bundled with a trial version of The Grand SE.
I believe it’s not the full version as there is only two acoustic piano sounds (Yamaha C7 and upright).

So if I purchase the activation online for the Grand SE3, do I get the full ‘Grand’ version,
or is it a different instrument altogether?

Well, obviously as the webshop site says, if you buy the “Grand SE” activation code, you get an

Which is The Grand SE 3 without the trial limitations. Which is what you are using now, without trial limitations…
If you buy “The Grand 3” full version, or an update to “The Grand 3 full version”, you get “The Grand 3 full version”

Im not so sure the Grand 3 SE actually upgrades to the full version of The Grand 3. I believe, based on posts in another thread, that you have to buy the whole Grand 3 again with no upgrade available.

Another difference of the SE and full version, is that the player position/microphone position cannot be moved.