Question...about the old grey Mackie c4....

Does the old grey c4 and extender work with cubase 8.5 in Windows 7 64 bit with midi? I found one cheap…thanks


Yes, it works.

So can I run 1 master ,2 extenders,and a c4? That would be great ,the c4 as well as the extenders just would add multiple mackie controls in the device menu? And put them on different midi ports? …anyone running this setup?

Are you 100% sure about that??? From what I’ve heard, the C4 is NOT supported by Cubase…
Maybe via MIDI and using the C4 commander program, but not standard like the main MCU & extenders.
I would like a C4 as well to control my plugin parameters, but I’m afraid I’ll waste my money…

Did you manage to get the C4 to work with Cubase??

Unless something has changed, the C4 does not work in Cubase. I tried for a MCU + 2Ext +C4 set-up several years ago and the C4 never worked properly. I found someone on the Mackie boards who had figured out a way to make it work through using 2 different midi send and receive sets, and the commander software (that was buggy!) but I could only get it to work intermittently and eventually gave up and sold it. Too bad, would be a great tool.

To be honest, could be, I’m wrong. It’s more then 5 years, we used it in the studio. Maybe, we used it as a common MIDI Controller.

What expectation do you have? Would you expect to see 32 parameters at once? Like the main display with 4 pages at once?

The thing is, I’m on a Mac and the commander software doesn’t work anymore on the resent OS versions… I could run it on a virtual machine, but that would use up more resources…

Yes, that would be ideal, but I guess that’s not gonna work out of the box.
I might buy 1 or maybe 2 regular expanders so I have 16 /24 parameters at once. With the remote control editing, I can arrange them to my likings anyway.