Question about the Pool I should know by now

Hi All,

Once I have finished editing a track I always bounce and replace it. But when I try to delete old versions that are no longer used in the project I sometimes get the following message:

“The selection cannot be moved to the trash because it has more than one edit version!”

These problem files usually have a subscript after them in the Pool. For example I may have a file used in my project called snare-11 and an additional file in the pool called snare-11(2). The (2) version is not used in the project but I cannot erase it, only remove it from the pool. Why… if it is not used anymore?

I know that if I remove (rather than trash) an unedited file from the pool it remains on my hard disk. I don’t however understand what happens with these edited files. Remember, every edited file in my project has been bounced and replaced so I don’t need it anymore. In addition, I use track versions to keep copies of the unedited raw recordings in case I have to go back to them.

So this begs the following questions: Is there an extra file cluttering my project after I remove one of these subscripted files from the pool? Is it just a record of edits I made but no physical file? If I remove it does it affect my project in some way? If so, how? How do I keep my entire project as uncluttered as possible in this context?

I’m embarrassed I don’t understand this by now. Been using Cubase since SX3! Can anyone help me understand this? And what should the appropriate work flow be to avoid this issue?

Thanks for your help.