Question about the Yamaha O1X in add device list?

I have purchased Cubase 6 which I am running in windows XP because I want to continue using my Yamaha O1X. But I could not find the Yamaha O1X in the add device list. I emailed the Steinberg support group asking if it was somewhere else on the install discs (case#00920073). I got an email back saying "I’m sorry but Cubase 6 is not supported on Windows XP. My question is does anybody else have the Yamaha O1X/add device in their copy of C6?
And if you do have it, is there any way to save the settings and email mail them to me for use? I know of one forum member that said he had the Yamaha O1X in his add device list in his copy of C6.
Just wondering did they sell some copys with the Yamaha O1x included, & some without the O1X included? Thanks in advance, fitterbkw

A more descriptive thread title might help you get the answer you need.

For what it’s worth I have the Yamaha 01X showing up in my list on my win7 install.

Thanks for the suggestion. I changed my subject title. Wonder if anybody has it on the list using Windows XP? Thanks, fitterbkw

Yes, I have it on the add device list here.
It’s also mentioned in the Remote_Control_Devices.pdf as supported, so it should be there.

From out Cubase 6 there isn’t an option to export nor save the Yamaha 01x device settings.
The only reference I found to the Yamaha 01x in the file system is within the Cubase6.exe file (ver.:, so I think it isn’t possible to transfer a .xml or .txt for you to import.

Thanks for your response. I know the O1X is not in my add device list. I have looked up, down, left, to right on the list. And I have been using Cubase for a number of years, have always upgraded so I have used the add device for my O1X before. I will xplore the installation cd to see if I can find a reference to the O1X. If I can’t find it I am dead in the water. But thanks for everybodys help. Fitterbkw