Question about triggering drums (Slate trigger)


I’m using some midi drums, and wondering if i’m doing something slightly wrong here.

I have cubase artist 7, and i’m using Slate Trigger 2 and Superior Drummer.
I get a midi file from our drummer, i load that into cubase and use Superior Drummer to get the drums going. Then i use Slate to replace the superior sounds to get the drumsound i want.
Now i’m wondering if i could just skip superior drummer all together?
Can i just load the midi file into cubase, and somehow actually just trigger the midi signal?

I’m positive you can, since in other daw is possible and trigger receive midi signal.

Create the necessary number of instance (a track with trigger for the kick, one for the snare and so on).
Open trigger, go on the setting page, activate the midi reception and then tell trigger which note correspond to the kick (or the track where you’re changing setting), meaning the same note that corresponds to the kick in the midi file.
Then route the midi file in the channels with trigger on it.

That’s how it works on ProTools. I don’t remember exactly how the midi routing works in this specific case in C7 but I guess it’s similar.

Hope that helps.