Question about USB E Licence

Sorry to ask this here, but I seemed to be only allowed to post in certain forums.
I am going to order Wave lab elements and I see it does not come with the USB licenser. So is it possible to purchase the USB licenser so as to run it on a second computer from time to time?
Also if I upgrade from Cubase LE to 6 is it the same USB licenser used for both Cubase and Wave Lab?
Thank You

I just downloaded the 6.5 trial. I have LE5 with soft elicence but cant activate it. It seems Im required to buy a usb EL just to try it?

Wow I should have checked the traffic here before posting, I guess I can expect my answer sometime next summer! Looks like activity is a little slow eh!

Yeah, what a joke. have you go through all the nonsense and huge download AND REGISTRATION just so you can find out that the “FREE” trial is only available if you buy a stupid hardware dongle, which, by the way, like all hardware dongles, has been hacked for years.

When will software vendors realize that they only piss off their paying and potentially paying customers by requiring hardware security tokens? The people who are not going to pay will find a way to get around it. Always. You have to decrypt at some point, you have to do it in memory, and they will figure out all your keys. The only people who benefit from hardware keys are the people selling them. :imp:

Gigantic waste of time.