Question About VariAudio

I’m a little confused about whether or not Variaudio automatically processes your audio as it is recorded or if it is only applied if you manually go in after recording and apply it. (In Cubase 10 Pro.)

If it is automatic, is there a way to disable it, or do you have to undo what it’s done in order to recover the original unaltered audio?


Hi and welcome,

VariAudio is not applied automatically. You have to open the VariAudio editor, you have to select the Edit VariAudio tool, the audio signal is processed, and then you can apply the changes to the selected VariAudio events.

The changes are non-destructive, so your origin recording is untouched. If you want to disable VariAudio changes, click to the Functions in the VariAudio tab, and select the Reset type, you want to use.

Thanks very much for your reply, Martin. That’s great info to know & I really appreciate it. Cheers!