Question about video sync?

Hello can someone help? I need to sync a video with audio replace the audio. But it seems when I import the mp4 video in to Nuendo does not show the thumb vid says mismatch. First time working with video can anyone help thx.
Also I been thinking of updating to mavericks. Can anybody tell me if anybody is also working with mavericks? Thx

Sounds like you haven’t set the project frame rate to match the mp4 file. Shift-s to open project settings. Next to frame rate click “get from video”.

Since Maverics is officially supported by both AVID and Steinberg, it should not be a problem.

Take note of the readme on Steinbergs website. It’s a good idea to time machine/superduper first.

I have a couple of Macs running Mavericks and haven’t run into a problem yet. It does sometimes open dialogs at strange places and some people seem to have problems with network shares due to the new smb2 implementation. (finder crashes / timed out connections / NAS not working) For me it’s been great (much faster network with Windows 8 machines).
I believe you can revert to smb1 by using cifs:/ instead of smb:/

Other than that I have really not heard about a serious complaint.


You might also try converting the video file to a .mov photo jpeg Quicktime with 75% quality. Mine has problems reading most mp4s. Use MPEG Streamclip for converting, it’s the only one I have that fixes your problem.

I agree with Neil, always convert video to a format with no inter frame compression so it has discreet frames. I use Apple Pro Res proxy usually … It works nicely.

Too many possibilities of weirdness with .mp4, h264, avchd, .m4v and so on…