Question about VST sdk and glfw as opengl gui and beginner question


I am self-taught programer with C++ and I want try create some simple VST. I know there is Juce, wdl-ol, but I don’t like restriction which brings those libraries.

  1. I have experience with GLFW and some GUI library runing under GLFW. And I want use vst sdk with GLFW for vst / vsti, it is possible?

I found vst sdk documentation not too much helpfull. It looks like for hi experienced programers with DSP knowledge maybe. I looked in to sample code, it doesn’t look much complicated but it is better to have some comments for all member functions etc… and basical info how it works.

  1. Maybe I need some DSP knowledge to create VST? It help me more understand vst sdk samples? I start reading this is it enough?
  1. GLFW is designed to own the whole application loop so it’s not suitable for use in plug-ins afaik. I did hear that perhaps there is a branch somewhere that gets around this. PUGL would help you do pure opengl inside a VST3


  1. GLFW is prety open i think, there is not application loop inside library like SDL, Juce or GLUT. - look at the code on this page

  2. Thanks for link.

maybe it doesn’t let you embed a gl view in an existing window… i can’t remember